A critical step to think about throughout the format below is who’s your audience? Not all presentations meet the same requirements and not all audiences are the same. Think of who you’re presenting to and why they’re actually there before you approach any of the steps below.

There isn’t a single presentation that you’ll take around, there is only a presentation format that you’ll keep.

Section 1: Conclusion

Be clear about why you’re there, what are you expecting from them, and what problem are you solving.

You’re there to articulate your point as soon as possible, as clear as possible, and to get…


In an use case, I had an application running on EC2 ASG behind a load balancer. To deploy new version of the application, we deployed the app jar through a CI pipeline, then for CD, we manually terminated the instances so that the ASG will re-balance the quorum by spinning up new instances and there-by fetching the new launch template.

In an effort to speedup this orchestration I created Kill Bill

killbill is a bash script that allows the high-availability / no downtime replacement of all EC2 Instances in an Auto Scaling Group that is behind an Elastic Load Balancer.

Ingress is a way to securely expose the app from a pod to the external world. In a test world, we can do that by putting the pod behind a service component and exposing the service to external. This is how it will look like:

apiVersion: v1
kind: Service
name: my-app-svc
run: my-app
type: LoadBalancer
- port: 8080
targetPort: 80
nodePort: 35010
protocol: TCP
name: http
app: my-app

Here the service will connect to the app on the selector label and connect to it on the targetPort. Also it will expose the nodePort to the…

An auto-scaler is a component that automatically adjusts the size of a Kubernetes Cluster so that all pods have a place to run and there are no unneeded nodes.
In this article, we assume that there is a EKS cluster running in AWS with applications in it. The cluster is not capable of judging if it needs to scale when the Kubernetes control plane tries to schedule pod into it. To Enable this , we will deploy the component autoscaler published by google.

1. Enable the cluster role to autoscale itself.

This is done by updating the role attached to…

This guide provides a foundation for understanding the Kubernetes networking model and how it enables common networking tasks. The field of networking is both broad and deep and it’s impossible to cover everything here. This guide should give you a starting point to dive into the topics you are interested in and want to know more about. Whenever you are stumped, leverage the Kubernetes documentation and the Kubernetes community to help you find your way.

Overview of the internal components

API Server and etcd datastore

In Kubernetes, everything is an API call served by the Kubernetes API server (kube-apiserver). The API server is a gateway to an etcd datastore that…

Because why not.

In this example, I have two sets of applications. The first is my back-end service layer. I am using spring-boot for this. The second is my front-end layer created using React. I am not using a database layer in this demo, but i will certainly expand this to have more bells and whistles in the future.

A simplified flow of the application will be as such:

Despite facing increased competition, Jenkins remains one of the most popular continuous integration servers. It was created during the infamous Hudson community split which occurred after software giant Oracle took control over the open-sourced Hudson in a move that inflamed the development community and set the internet alight with heated debate.

The good news for developers everywhere who believe in the importance of keeping open-sourced software out of the hands of large corporations is that in the subsequent Hudson vs. Jenkins battle, it was Jenkins that was to victorious.

Part of the reason behind this was the sheer number of…

On a recent late-night formula run, I passed by a large display of books about teaching children to code. I have seen these books around, but never such a large display directed toward elementary-aged children. These books are part of a flood of resources — summer coding camps, after-school code clubs, apps designed to teach kindergarteners the rudiments of JavaScript — aimed at equipping children with future-proof skills.

It’s easy to see why parents push coding on their children. What better way to prepare our kids for a future ruled by software than by training them how to build it…

What is a service mesh and why do we need it ?

The term service mesh is used to describe the network of microservices that make up such applications and the interactions between them. As a service mesh grows in size and complexity, it can become harder to understand and manage. Its requirements can include discovery, load balancing, failure recovery, metrics, and monitoring. A service mesh also often has more complex operational requirements, like A/B testing, canary releases, rate limiting, access control, and end-to-end authentication.

what is Istio

Istio service mesh is a sidecar container implementation of the features and…

EKS is a managed kubernetes service from Amazon AWS. There is nothing difficult about it(Sorry for the misleading title!). That being said, there are still a lot of moving pieces in the backend, to make this peachy platform work.

So instead of going the universally acclaimed easiest route of deploying though EKSCTL, I will be going into the individual components that we need to make this cluster work, there by understanding more about them instead of just spinning up through a cli command.

Assuming you have a fresh AWS account with just a root user to go in, we will…

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